Friday, 24 January 2014

Mamatography 3 - Overcoming Fear

This photograph represents something huge. I passed my driving test in 2007, but drove very little after that. I became more and more afraid of driving, and I didn't need to do it because the hubby had a car and could drive me. Otherwise, most places were accessible by walking or public transport. 
When B was born, there was absolutely no way I was going to risk her tiny little life by driving her around myself. We were blessed by others offering lifts. However, when she moved up into her extended rear facing car seat, it was much more difficult as it didn't fit in many cars. We became a bit isolated. I came to the realisation that with baby number 2 on the way, I had to do something about my fears, or we would be stuck at home. 
I decided to try hypnotherapy. Natal hypnotherapy had got me through my first labour, so I was pretty confident that it could help me with driving too. I found a lady nearby who was recommended by a friend. We had one session together. We talked about my past, things that might have affected how I view myself or that had knocked my confidence. And we worked on turning negative thoughts into positive ones. How to see myself as a careful driver, rather than incompetent and hesitant. She did a visualisation with me and sent me a recording to listen to at home. I listened to her soothing voice telling me that I was careful, reminding me to think about successful drives in the past and to look forward to driving in the future. That was in the early stages of my pregnancy. I drove a couple of times when I was pregnant, but only with the hubby next to me, and they were short, simple routes. Fast forward to last week. I drove by myself for the first time ever, both girls in the back. I didn't enjoy it, but I am so proud of myself. I have fought my fears, overcome them and achieved freedom. 
This picture is of my awesome parallel park!!

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, that is just lovely. I am so pleased for you. I can't imagine not driving. Where we live that would be very isolating. Well done!