Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thankful Thursday - My NCT Group

Today I want to tell you why I love my NCT group. We met when we all did the NCT Antenatal course together, back in the summer of 2011. We try to meet up as much as we can, and it is so encouraging when we do. B is entering the tantrum phase, and when we're at home alone I find it so stressful, even isolating. But when I get together with our NCT group, I'm encouraged because their babies are at the same stage. It's wonderful to know you're not alone, especially in the difficult stages.

I also love the fact that these 9 children will grow up knowing one another, and will hopefully all be friends for a good long time. They are so lovely together now, and while I know some parents feel competitive over their children, this group isn't like that at all. Everyone is so supportive and kind to each other.

It's also good to have these mums as friends. When we moved here, I knew no one but the hubby's family, so the NCT Antenatal course was perfect for meeting new people, and now I feel I have 8 lovely friends that I didn't have before.

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