Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Siblings - November 2016

The Me and Mine Project

So, my two beautiful girls have been joined by a lovely little boy. 

They adore him. 

I think he could be the most kissed baby ever. 

They've had three weeks together - well, just shy of that due to him and me having to go back into hospital for a couple of days. 

It is wonderful to see the love the girls have for their little brother. They want to look at his face constantly. They fight over who gets to be near him. When M gets up early in the morning, the first thing she asks is, "Can I see A?"

I'm so proud of how they help with nappy changes and with comforting him on car journeys. 

M has struggled with A's arrival, but as B did when M was born, she directs her frustration at the Hubby and myself, and sometimes at B. 

B has settled in well to her role as big sister to two siblings. She seems so grown up now. 

Their First Meeting

With two there is only one sibling relationship to nurture, but with three children we will get the pleasure and struggle of three relationships. 

At the moment, we are trying to strengthen the girls' connection with one another. They both love A, and he gets most of their affection, but when it comes to each other they are more of a challenge. 

They can play so beautifully together that it makes my heart almost burst, and then, with seemingly no reason or warning, they explode at each other. 0 to 60 in 1 second flat! 

With adult guidance they resolve their issues and are back to being friends. 
Matchy Matchy After Three Weeks Together

I'm looking forward to seeing how A fits into the mix as he gets older!

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