Tuesday, 10 May 2016

17 Weeks - A Bit of a Surprise

Happy rabbit flying with balloon
That's me - flying high
Sometimes, every once in a while, God answers a prayer that you hadn't even thought to pray.

I got a text last week from my old midwife, Mandy. Totally out of the blue. She was doing relief work for my midwife, and had spotted my name in the notes, so she wanted to congratulate me. It was the most thoughtful message - Mandy even remembered B & M's names. I was really touched by her consideration.

But, that wasn't it. When I responded that I missed her, and that I had been disappointed to discover she'd moved surgeries, she asked if I wanted her to be my midwife again!

I absolutely jumped at the chance.

It wasn't something I had even considered a possibility, other than by discovering which surgery she was based at and swapping my GP. I really didn't want to do that - our GP is great.

But God heard the silent cries of my heart.

Seriously, I have been walking on air since we made the new arrangements. I didn't have any major issues with Sharon, but the opportunity to have a midwife I know, and who knows me, is not one to be sniffed at. It will feel good to be comfortable.

Along with that, it's been a fairly good fortnight. I'm exhausted, and I got 4 consultant appointments - and a rescheduled Diabetes Clinic appointment - through the post, but I'm pretty confident that my sickness has gone. Lots of phone calls to cancel appointments.
Baby is the size of a chipmunk. Cute.

My appetite seems to have disappeared somewhat, though my research says that can be common during second trimester, as the digestive system slows down. I don't remember this being an issue during my previous pregnancies. Not during the second trimester anyway.

I've started testing my blood sugars, and so far, so good. The aim is to keep them between 4 and 6mmol/L an hour after starting to eat a meal. And 7.8mmol/L is the absolute maximum, though I set my own maximum of 7mmol/L in both previous pregnancies, and will continue to follow that. However, as none of my readings are yet to reach 5.5mmol/L, I'm fairly confident.

Lots of salad!

I often find meal planning quite hard - and that has been the case when I'm not pregnant too - so I intend to keep a record of meals we've had and enjoyed, and I will write a post on these in the future. Inspiration can be hard to find, especially when you've got dietary requirements.

I'm hoping to start feeling the baby move soon. I felt B at just past 18 weeks, and M at 17+1.  I still feel doubtful that I'm as far along as the scan put me, so to feel movement this week would be reassuring. I had anterior placentas with the others, but no mention of that this time, which makes me think I should have felt the baby already. But, as we know, all pregnancies are different.

Weekly Statistics
Average blood sugar: 4.9mmol/L
Weight: -2lb

Catch Up: 15 Weeks
Next: 18 Weeks 


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