Sunday, 31 January 2016

Me and Mine - January 2016

The Me and Mine Project

And so begins another year of joining in with the Me and Mine project hosted by Lucy at Dear Beautiful

I took a brief glance back at last January's Me and Mine post. Turns out I was even less organised this year than last. Our family photo this month is a swift shot taken when I suddenly remembered what day it was! January has disappeared in a flurry of activity. New Year and Epiphany celebrations; wintry walks and National Trust visits; trips to Center Parcs, Southwold and Bristol; Spanish and Jiu Jitsu classes; baking and green smoothies; and lots of playing with Lego. This time last year M was just starting to say a few words; now she can speak in full sentences, and has no problem in making herself understood. B is so grown up, learning to read and write at her own pace, helping more around the house, and just generally surprising us every day. As a foursome we have spent more quality time together this month than usual, perhaps down to our journey into The Life-changing Magic of Tidying. This has seen us getting more clutter out of our house than ever before, allowing us to spend more time at weekends enjoying each others' company than frantically tidying and cleaning. Still a way to go, but we're all already enjoying the benefits of keeping only the Joy Sparkers.

This month...

The Hubby has enjoyed:
Making headway in kon-mari-ing our house
Growing his beard
Jiu Jitsu
Using Instagram 
Getting more involved in volunteering for NCT

I have enjoyed:
Walking on the beach at Southwold
Taking up knitting
Listening to B read
Avocado on toast 
Seeing B & M both get more confident in the water

B has enjoyed:
Spending her own money on Lego
Reading books to anyone who will listen
Dressing up
Swimming at Center Parcs 

M has enjoyed:
Undoing buttons
Watching Bernard
Singing Away in a Manger
Climbing on anything and everything, especially when her climb leads to finding chocolate! 

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