Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Celebrating Breastfeeding

Why celebrate breastfeeding?

File:GNM - Maria lactans 2.jpg
Madonna lactans ( 1380 )
German National Museum.
In a world that seems to be filled with hate and violence, where the desire to bomb and kill seems to be greater than the desire to save and heal, breastfeeding gives life, promotes life, feeds and nurtures. Breastfeeding is gentle, peaceful, loving. Even during the gymnurstics of toddler feeding! 

Make Milk Not War

In a world where we are constantly told that we're not good enough, that we need to spend more and more money to achieve perfection, breastfeeding is free and simple. It provides the perfect nourishment for our little ones, without need for upgrades or fancy packaging or bogus sciencey-sounding claims. 

In the action of breastfeeding a baby, we give of ourselves, literally, and both baby and mother feel the oxytocin-inspired love running through our veins. It is a selfless act in an all too selfish world. 

Mary breastfeeding Jesus from From The Story of Christmas  by Jane Ray
From The Story of Christmas
by Jane Ray
As we head towards Christmas, the time when we celebrate the birth of a tiny, helpless baby, who was undoubtedly breastfed, and who grew up to be pretty rebellious himself, remember that breastfeeding our babies is a simple act of rebellion, in a world that bombards us with hate, violence, and death; exhorts us to spend more and more money; and applauds narcissism and living only for ourselves. 

Celebrate breastfeeding. 

The code word for the Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza is holly
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