Saturday, 15 August 2015

Siblings - August 2015

dear beautiful
So many cuddles this past month. These two so enjoy each other's company. They still  love to see each other first thing in the morning, kissing and hugging and shouting for joy. M is getting so much more interested in what B is up to, which is resulting in shouting and tears. B is as patient as a nearly 4 year old can be; M is getting more and more frustrated with what she's not allowed to do. They are both quick to say sorry though - our behaviour and modelling for B has paid off, and M has learned how to apologise already, though I'm not entirely sure she needs to say sorry quite so often as she does.

 B has learned a few of her books off by heart, and I have caught her "reading" them to M a few times now. It's incredibly touching to see. They play together with the Duplo, but B's penchant for pretending the bricks are cakes is not so easily understood by M, who just wants to build. They've been enjoying singing and dancing to Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys, and especially singing it whilst jumping up and down on mattress in the spare room. They chat to each other, and it's so wonderful to see how good friends they are.

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