Friday, 15 May 2015

Siblings - May 2015

dear beautiful
In the last month, I've been so moved by how much these two love each other. They are just delighted by each other's company. They cuddle in the day time and snuggle close when sleeping; they kiss and hold hands; they share their food without being prompted. I'm so glad that I've been lucky enough to have the camera at hand to grab so many of these moments; I rarely have to stage photos anymore, because they do so much together that is photoworthy.

Of course, M wants to do anything that her adored big sister does; B is a willing teacher and encourages M to imitate her. There are fights, and tears, but through teaching B how to apologise when she is ready to, we have inadvertently taught M to do the same. She signs "sorry" when she knows she has hurt someone. The power of modelling appropriate behaviour is immense!
A new development, that makes me laugh, is M's belief that B will always be a willing accomplice in her ventures. She's always taking snacks out of the cupboard and running to give B some too. I think it's brilliant that she decides to share her ill-gotten gains, though I suspect that is - in part - down to her need for assistance in opening packets!
I'm so happy to see how their love for one another is only increasing month by month. I think they couldn't enjoy each other more, and then they go and surprise me with more love and laughter. I am so grateful for their precious love.

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