Sunday, 15 March 2015

Siblings - March 2015

dear beautiful
The kisses and cuddles have decreased a little, with hitting and shouting filling the gap. There's still a great deal of laughter, but I find myself having to intervene and entertain and facilitate more often. As M's confidence grows, so does B's frustration. Where she's been able to be the boss of the toybox, she's now finding that sharing isn't so much picking out a toy for M as it is having a toy snatched out of her hand. It's not all theft and violence though. They do play together and watch TV together and egg each other on. M still finds much of what B does to be hilarious; she follows her around and wants to copy her, though M's increasing independence doesn't sit well with B's desire to have her do what she's told! The Hubby and I are doing what we can to face the challenge of making sure these two stay friends.

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