Monday, 31 March 2014

Mamatography 13: Me and Mine - March

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So, last month we didn't manage to get a whole family photo, but just a couple of days later we had some professional photos done. The girls are very photogenic; the hubby and I not so much! But here is our best one.

But, that was nearly a whole month ago, so here's a current family photo. We raided B's dressing up box, because if you're going to look crazy tired in a photo, you might as well look proper crazy! And our girls will look back on these photos and see that mum and dad were fun. 

And as a bonus, you get to see our cress head family portrait! 

B and I have had some fun with these. I drew the faces; she sprinkled the seeds and has enjoyed watering them daily, proudly showing off her 'seeds' to everyone who has come round.

This month:

The hubby has enjoyed...
More time laughing with me
Seeing M smile
Playing 2048

I have enjoyed...
Wearing Wingz which allow me to wear my short sleeved tops and dresses with covered arms
Green smoothies for breakfast
Joining in with the 100 Happy Days project
Watching Parks and Recreations

B has enjoyed...
Winnie the Pooh
Drinking through straws
Singing, especially A,B,C and Twinkle, Twinkle
Growing cress
Going to museums

M has enjoyed...
Staring at her hands
Playing with her toes
Baths in the tummy tub
Watching B
Screeching with excitement

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  1. I love love the egg plants and their cute faces. Not as much as your lovely family photos they are great. but those are so cute and creative! How very fun to do with your lil one. #me&mine

  2. Really lovely. I love the professional one, you all look great.
    And the cress family is brilliant! x

  3. Hahaha, these photos all really made me smile. I love the professional one, it's fab. But I think I prefer the crazy dressing up box one, like you say; you can all look back in the future and see how much fun you had together. x