Friday 28 June 2013

Breastfeeding Beyond a Year - Keep Britain Breastfeeding 2013

 "Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond." World Health Organisation

I wrote the following for my 22 month old daughter, who still loves her be-boos!

Sonnet to My Nursing Toddler
Shall I compare your nursing now to then?
You are more likely to feed upside down,
Rough hands do pinch my breasts over again,
And gentle strokes are not so frequent now:
Sometimes you spot the breast and your eyes shine,
And often do you feed so unashamed,
That every now and then I must decline,
Though we take nature's feeding course untamed:
But our eternal feedings have now passed,
You are busier and sure of yourself,
Oh, you, my little girl, have grown so fast,
With intellect and skin that shows your health,
   So long as you can suck, this is my view,
   So long we nurse, for this gives life to you.


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  1. Great post - informative, funny and - poetry - wow!!!

  2. Thank you for an interesting post :)

  3. very lovely post.
    i plan to feed for as long as my little one wants me.

  4. Love the poem. It certainly more of a contact sport nursing a toddler!
    I breastfed my daughter for 19 months, we're currently 18 months with no sing of stopping with my son.... we'll stop when we are both ready hopefully

  5. There's some interesting research by Kathy Dettwyler about the natural age of weaning here:

  6. I love the poem! I'd love to feed until DS1 self-weans, but he's never voluntarily dropped a feed in his life (I cut down to TTC) and I'm feeling a lot of agitation now at 34 months, so I may have to stop before he's ready :( I'm hoping I won;t get the same issues with DD2 as I won;t be tandem nursing, so hopefully she'll have a smoother path to weaning!

  7. Fab post !! i've been feeding my daughter for 3 months now and i want to feed as long as she wants to :)

  8. I intend to let my daughter self-wean. My son fed until he was 25months so the book photo is familiar!

  9. We are now at 5 months and definitely no plans to stop anytime soon!