Friday, 5 April 2013

Mooncup Experiences

Here's one for the ladies. And be prepared, you may feel it's a bit TMI at times...

If you're still here, I take it you're interested in finding out about Mooncups, so I shall give you my thoughts on using one.

When I originally heard about them, I was convinced they were the realm of hippies and other such crazy ladies with long hair and homemade hemp skirts. Then my mum started to use one, and told me it had revolutionised her life, so I did think a bit more seriously about the Mooncup. Just when I was considering buying one, I got pregnant, so it wasn't necessary.

My period returned at 14 months postpartum, and, not expecting it, I only had tampons and towels in the house. It was dreadful! After birth it seems everything down there had changed shape, and I had been religious about doing my pelvic floor exercises, so that couldn't be blamed. The tampons were uncomfortable, drying and wouldn't stay in position. I went through a ridiculous number, especially as just breathing or rolling over could cause them to fall out - not to mention the effect of a cough or sneeze!

So, my thoughts returned to the Mooncup, and I duly went to Boots and bought one ready for the next visit from Aunty Mabel.

It was a tad scary to look at, but remembering I got a baby's head out that way, I figured it was hardly in the realms of too big! And it's made from silicone so malleable.

So, as promised, here are my thoughts on the Mooncup:
a) There is a learning curve involved in inserting and positioning correctly, but once that's sorted, it's not even noticeable and is very comfortable.
b) My period lasted 2 days less than usual, which confirms what I read about it making periods shorter.
c) If you are trying to use one whilst supervising a small person in the bathroom with you, it is a bit more complicated!
d) I needed to empty it much less frequently than I would have changed tampons, even on my heaviest day - up to 8 hours on some days!
e) I only had 1 super heavy day, rather than 3 that I have with tampons.
f) My period was much less painful than usual.
g) It's not disgusting, though I know much more about my body from using it.
h) I was able to deal with it in the shower, which was brilliant.
i) I could record exactly how much blood I lost.
j) I used sanitary towels as a precaution, but there was no need, as there was no leakage. With tampons, I always need a pad as well.
k) At night, I had 1 or 2 occasions when the Mooncup began to overflow, perhaps due to the way I was lying in bed, but the sensation woke me and it was a matter of moments to nip to the loo, empty, rinse and reinsert, before going back to bed. And one waking is nothing compared to the number of times I've been up to sort tampons before.
l) One outlay of £19.99 and it will last for years. Compare that to £8-£12 a month, every month, barring pregnancy, up until the menopause, and the spend is as nothing.
m) I'm helping to reduce the landfill and the number of manky tampons that get washed up on beaches!
n) The Mooncup was equally effective all through my period, from heavy flow to light.

In summary: a very good thing!

If you have any more questions, check out the Mooncup site and their FAQs.

Have you used a Mooncup or other reuseable sanitary product? Would you consider it? What are your thoughts?


  1. Mooncups really are great. They seem to be very under publicized - I wish more women knew about them.

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