Sunday, 31 March 2013


Easter turns everything on its head. We go through our lives knowing that some things are so, and they will always be so. And then along comes this man and He challenges our certainties.

Dead is dead. But Jesus was alive after crucifixion and two nights in a tomb.

Women were second class citizens, whose word wouldn't count in court. And yet Jesus chose women to find the empty tomb and be the first witnesses to His resurrection.

Wrongdoing, betrayal, lies don't go unpunished. But Jesus didn't berate His disciples or remind them of their failings; He spoke peace to them and came to them in love.

Second chances are few and far between. But Peter was offered the opportunity to make things right.

Death is the end; it will get us all. And yet Jesus beat death and offers us eternal life.

Will you take the chance in letting Jesus challenge your certainties today?

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