Friday, 31 August 2012

Baby Weigh-In Surprise

So, yesterday, I fully intended to put B in the sling and walk to Tiny Times at the Sure Start Centre to get her weighed. I haven't done this for several months, and the curiosity was getting the better of me. No matter that she has her 1 year review next week - I need to put her weight at 1 year old into her baby book, don't I?
Well, it looked like rain. We stayed at home. No walk for me, so I decided I'd better get on the Wii Fit and burn some calories. And then I had my genius idea! I would weigh B on the balance board, no probs.
I designed a Mii to look a bit like her. Short, big round head, large doe eyes, little rosebud mouth. Fine, but she looked like a grown up - that was a bit freaky.

I addded her to the Wii Fit and it asked for height and date of birth. So I stretched out the tape measure and lay her down. She wasn't too impressed, but came out at 2ft6. I added the required information. And that's when the fancy stuff happened.
Wii Fit informed B that she was only 1 year old and therefore too young to use the features. I was almost disappointed when, before my eyes, B's Mii transformed into a baby wearing a baby-gro! Cool! And then it told us about the Baby Weigh feature. Oh yes, Nintendo have thought of everything.* It asked me to get on, it weighed me, and then I had to pick up B and it weighed us both together and calculated her weight.
1 stone 5 pounds. Just about right according to the charts in her red book. Tall and skinny. Was there a mix up in the hospital?! Better start saving up for Long Tall Sally vouchers.
Well, not super accurate and I weighed her with her clothes on, but it did ease my concerns and I learnt a brand new feature of the Wii Fit.
A successful morning.
But I was so excited I forgot to do the exercises. I ran up to the hubby's office to tell him though - does that count?

*Actually, they haven't. It was quite disheartening to be told daily that I was putting on weight while I was pregnant. Perhaps they could add in a Pregnancy feature...

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