Wednesday 26 June 2013

A Few Breastfeeding Memories - Keep Britain Breastfeeding 2013

I have heard others talk of their negative experiences of breastfeeding in public - dirty looks, snide comments, being told to leave or feed baby in the toilets - but personally, every one of my nursing in public experiences has been positive. Perhaps I have been lucky, or maybe I just have a f**k-off look on my face! I wouldn't say I'm extremely discrete, but I always wear a vest under my top, so that I can pull one top up and the other down, showing as little breast as possible. I don't think it matters whether one pulls the top up or yanks the breast out, but I personally feel more comfortable keeping my bosoms more covered. We are protected by the Equality Act 2010 when breastfeeding in public anyway, so if anyone has a problem with you nursing in public, then it is their problem and not yours, and you are free to complain about them. Check out this info sheet for more advice.

Even princesses need their milk
There are a few humorous moments that have occurred during our breastfeeding journey. The first I remember was when B was about 5 weeks old and pulled off to smile at me. I managed to capture a photo of her lovely grin and sent it to my mum. As I was about to upload it to Facebook, I realised that my nipple was standing proud in the bottom corner of the picture, so I stopped the upload until I had time to crop it out. A few minutes later, whilst looking through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw my photograph, complete with nipple! My sister had posted it, not having noticed herself. Fortunately, she was quick to remove and crop when I pointed out the problem.

The ultimate in bookshop-cafe!
Another time, whilst feeding B in a coffee shop, she pulled off to have a look around, and the poor woman opposite got an eyeful of bosom, which I wasn't quick enough to cover up. I was mortified, but luckily for me, she didn't comment or react.

As our journey has progressed, there are frequent amusing moments. Breastfeeding is no longer the full entertainment for B, and she often brings a book to read whilst she nurses. Great for her; not so comfortable for me. She also likes to wear a variety of headgear during feeds, from tiaras to big, fluffy Russian hats!

I often have to remind B that she can't eat and nurse at the same time, much to her annoyance, but she still attempts to talk to me whilst her mouth is full of nipple. Always fun! And her obsession with bee-boos extends to pointing out every instance of breastfeeding she sees when we're out and about. I find it funny, but I'm not sure how those mums attempting to nurse discretely feel about her eagle-eyes and commentary.

Sometimes bee-boos can be chilly.
An amusing, and moving, situation that we now find ourselves in is that B likes to mimic me by breastfeeding her dolly and other soft toys, but it doesn't stop there. She has on occasion fed a knife, a fork, a piece of pastry, her water bottle and a remote control. Bonkers. And sometimes there are just too many toys to feed, so I have to join in. So far, I have tandem fed B and a minion from Despicable Me, and I often have to feed her toy rabbit. B also likes to pretend that she is having daddy-milk, bending to his chest and making nom-nom noises.

These stories go to show how important and normal breastfeeding is to B, and what a positive experience it has become. I am certain that she will grow up to breastfeed her own children.

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  1. Not so much a funny breastfeeding story but an embarassing one - I managed to flash the postie after having just finished feeding my son before answering the door!

    1. My mum did that when she was feeding my brother. She said the postman didn't even blink an eye!

  2. Our first public BF was in an Apple Store, before i purchased a shawl to cover myself. it was highly embarrassing but we will always look back on that day and laugh!

  3. It's easier to nurse in public in a sling so you don't have to stop what you're doing and sit down. Also as they're upright it can reduce reflux. Visit a local sling meet/library for advice.

  4. I fed my DD in the waiting area of a garage a few days ago whilst waiting for my car to be fixed, 3 mechanics were standing right in front of me behind the counter. i don't think any of them noticed :)

  5. DS1 recently nursed right after his sister and said "No milk. this one broken. Need more batteries". Goodness only knows how he thinks it works!